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Lisbon City Hall has been working on the Growing in Safety program for children since 1992.

In this house, also known as “Tinoni’s home”, children learn to identify the day-to-day risks they face and the rules which apply to each situation.


During the activities different topics are approached:
Safety in the street and in public spaces
Safety at home
Earthquakes and how to protect yourself
Fire prevention and how to protect yourself

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Target population: Children aged from 5 to 10.

Where we are: Civil Protection Department, Rua Cardeal Saraiva, 1070–045 Lisbon

Transport: The Civil Protection Department provides transport for schools in the public network and Private Institutions of Social Solidarity in the city of Lisbon

Opening hours: from 09:00am to 12:00am and from 14:00pm to 17:00pm.

Monitoring its activity: Technicians with specific training in the area.

tel. +351 21 722 43 00 fax. +351 21 726 85 89
e-mail: tinoni@cm-lisboa.pt
e-mail: dmpcs.dpc.dp@cm-lisboa.pt

Pedagogical content

Safety in the street and in public spaces:
Traffic signals and crossing the road
Choosing your way to school and back home
Dangerous games
Protecting the environment

Safety at home:
The right way to handle toxic substances, explosives and fuel
Handling sharp objects
Rules for using electrical and gas equipment
Preventing falls
Safety online

Earthquakes and how to protect yourself:
Explanation of seismic phenomena
What to do to protect yourself before, during and after an earthquake

Preventing fires and how to protect yourself:
Identificação de equipamentos de combate a incêndio
Comportamentos de autoprotecção antes, durante e depois de um incêndio

Game «Find out how to protect yourself»:
This game systematises the content transmitted throughout the whole program

> Pedagogical material is distributed to each child as a complement to this activity in order to broaden its scope to the family.


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