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Safety at home

You may think your home is a safe place, but it is where most accidents happen. Surprised? Let’s find out why!


Wet floors, misplaced soap and no anti-slip mats in the bathtub are responsible for many falls. Always place the mat in the bathtub before taking a bath, do not walk barefoot if the floor is wet and pick the soap up straight away if it falls on the floor.

Toys scattered around are also easy to trip over on and can cause a major tumble.
When you finish playing, don’t forget that you have to tidy up.

Chairs and furniture are not ladders. If you need something that is high up in a cupboard or on a shelf, ask an adult for help.

Medicine should be kept in a place locked with a key. You should only take medicine when your parents tell you to. Do you know the detergents that we use every day for cleaning the house?
Well, they are also dangerous as they contain substances which can harm your health. Never play with them and check if they are kept in a safe place in your home.

Electric shocks and burns
Electricity is very useful but there are rules to follow. Never mix water and electricity. Before handling any electrical equipment check that it is away from water and that your hands are well dry. Taking the radio or hairdryer into the bathroom can, as you can already see, be very dangerous. Always tell your parents if you see loose wires or broken sockets.

Hot pans or pans being heated up on the stove can cause serious burns. Do not play or run in the kitchen. Stay away from the stove and be very careful whenever your parents have to carry hot liquids or food.

Do not play with knives or scissors as you could cut yourself. Remind your parents to put them away immediately after use. Also be careful when playing near places with glass, mirrors or ceramics.

Accidents with gas
The stove is very useful but it can be quite dangerous. If we are not careful it can cause burns and intoxications, and start fires or explosions. Never touch the stove. If you are in the kitchen and you smell a strange smell, leave immediately and tell an adult as it could be a gas leak.
And what if there is a fire?
Tell an adult and leave the house straight away, but never use an elevator (if they cut off the electricity you could be trapped in it).
Do not go back for any reason.
Stay close to your family or friends and wait for the fire brigade to put out the fire.
If you are alone:
Try to stay calm and go outside.
If there is smoke, crawl along next to a wall and, if possible, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth.
Before opening a door, check that it is not hot. If it is, STOP, do not open it. Go to a window and signal that you are there by waving a cloth. It won’t be long before the fire brigade arrives to save you.
Although you may be afraid, never hide, that way the firemen may not be able to help you.

Learn and practise the following rules with your friends as these could save you:
If the flames reach your clothes, do not run. Stop, lie down on the ground, protect your head and face and roll around until the flames go out. It is simple, you just: STOP, LIE DOWN and ROLL AROUND.

>To avoid fires remember that candles, matches and lighters are not toys. If you see someone playing with them, tell an adult straight away.

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