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On the way to school

Find out your child’s school hours, as well as the schedules of all extra-curricular activities.

Help him/her to define the best route to and from school, avoiding lonely paths or spots.

Advise him/her to go to school with a colleague or friend, who lives in the neighbourhood.

Make sure your child agrees to give you a phone call when s/he gets home. Know the names and contacts of your child’s friends.

Find out the places s/he usually plays and the “places of interest” which could divert his/her attention on the way home / to school (shops, parks or other places).

Do not alter the route you usually take when you go to pick up your child from school.

Do not let him/her carry a lot of money or objects of value (mobile phones, mp3 players, games consoles or others).

Talk frequently with your child in order to be able to identify possible problems and reinforce the importance of obeying the following rules:

- Do not accept rides from strangers;
- Do not show that you have money or objects of value;
- Do not accept sweets, money or anything else  from strangers;
- Do not alter your route home / to school;
- Do not play in lonely places and, whenever possible, travel around in a group;
- Tell your parents about any strange contact or event;
- When you need help ask for it immediately.

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