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Internet safety tips

The internet is an excellent learning tool for children and adults. It is up to parents and educators to guard against situations of risk and to define rules for its use.

Establish time limits for using the Internet.
Use the Internet with your children and show an interest in their favourite sites.
Set the computer up in a place which can be easily accessed by the whole family.
Teach them to use the Internet responsibly and show them its diverse potential.
Install a firewall which filters access to information.
Inform them about safety conditions in school or in other places used by your children to access the Internet.

Keep an eye open for the following warning signs in your child’s behaviour :

S/he spends a lot of time on the internet.
S/he changes page or switches the computer off when someone approaches..
S/he makes calls to and receives calls from strangers.
S/he receives messages, objects or gifts from strangers.
S/he isolates him/herself from the family.

Family contract (pdf)
Print, sign and stick this up near to the computer.

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