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Alone in the house
Check on the safety conditions in your home before you leave your child alone

Telephone numbers
Write down a list of important telephone numbers or memorize them in the phone.
If possible always keep the message service switched on. Preferably use a telephone which identifies the number of the incoming call
If you do not have this type of equipment, explain to your child that s/he should never tell anyone on the telephone that they are alone in the house.

Equip your home with solid windows, doors and locks..
Keep matches, lighters, medicine and other toxic substances in a safe place. Make sure that all of these items are clearly labelled and that they are in their original packaging.
Keep alcoholic beverages in a safe place.
Regulate the temperature of your water or home heater to reduce the risk of burns.
Keep guns and ammunition in separate places, locked with a key.
If possible, keep some lights always switched on so that your child never returns to a dark house.

Fire Safety
Regularly maintain electrical equipment and do not overload sockets.
Buy a fire extinguisher and install smoke detectors (ask for advice from your local fire brigade)..

First Aid
Prepare a first aid kit with your child, explaining what each item is for.
This kit should include:
Liquid disinfectant.
A skin solution to clean the skin (foam).
Plasters, compresses and bandages of different sizes..
Vaseline gauze for burns.
Scissors to cut through clothes.
Moisturizing cream.  

Always keep two torches with spare batteries handy.
You should also have some devices which work with batteries (radio, clock and others).

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